We as a whole realize that sentiment leaving the exercise center and feeling like an aggregate hot, sweat-soaked wreckage. Tousled braid, no make-up, sweat-soaked palms, pit recolors—the entire piece.

It’s likely the last minute that we’d hope to get hit on or asked out by a secretive outsider.

Yet, that is precisely what happened to creator Brené Brown… well, kind of.

She left the exercise center one morning and was stunned to discover a note on her auto that read,“You are really cute. I am going 2-stepping tonight, if you would like to join me. Call me.”

Her underlying idea was, “What the hell?” Who might leave something like this?… yet when she saw the natural number scribbled over the base.

She wrote in her viral Facebook post,“Someone left this napkin note on my car at the gym this morning. I was like, ‘What the heck?’ Then I recognized my husband’s phone number. He had me at two-stepping. #doyoulikepiñacoladas“

Hitched or not, it’s the sweetest refreshment to be always sought after.

Spouses, absolutely always remember that your wives still need this… since everyone adores piña coladas and getting got in the rain. ❤️