A student at South Division High School in Milwaukee was captured on camera punching a teacher and has since been arrested.

In the video, the 16-year-old can be seen hitting the teacher in the head repeatedly after an argument escalated to violence and shoving.

Even after the teacher hits the ground, the student can be seen going after the teacher again.

It is not known what the circumstances were leading up to the fight, but police say that the student was arrested at the school.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has since issued a statement on the matter.

“Violence at MPS is a great concern to the community. Actions like this need criminal charges to send a message, and hold the student responsible for their reckless and dangerous behavior,” Donovan said. “I applaud the many great teachers and students at MPS, however, there is a segment of students who choose to behave inappropriately and criminally, which robs other students and teachers of an opportunity to build a safe learning environment.”

A Milwaukee Public School spokesman also stated that the school was cooperating with the ongoing investigation: “MPS is cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate a situation that occurred today at 1515 W Lapham Blvd. Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further.”